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Firewood | Waynesville, Asheville, Sylva, NC



Diggin' It Rock Yard will cover all of your firewood needs!

We strive for customer efficiency when selling firewood!

Services Available:

  • Delivery
  • Stacking at delivery site (Upon Request
  • Stacking during pick up (Upon Request)

We are here to load you up!

Simply call or come by to schedule delivery for you residential home or mountain get away during you stay or prior to guest arrival!

We delivery anywhere including:

  • To you home
  • Campground site
  • Mountain vacation get away

Firewood sold by volume

  • Full Cord 4X4X8
  • 1/2 Cord 4X4X4
  • 1/4 Cord 4X4X2
  • Kindling Bundles
  • Stacked to top of bed
  • Tossed in and mounded

* A 6' truck bed can hold 1/4 cord of firewood.
* An 8' truck bed can haul 1/2 cord of firewood

Don't need that much? That's okay!

Popular sellers to vacationers and home owners as well are our convenient readily available pre measured quantities.


Don't be left out in the cold!

  • In order to be cost and product efficient it is of good practice to stock up on firewood a "season" ahead of time so that it has time to dry.
  • The amount of heat released from burning firewood depends on its moisture content.
  • The weight of green wood ranges anywhere from 70 - 100% more than seasoned wood due to its moisture content.
  • For wood to season properly, we recommend allowing airspace but not stacking too tightly
  • If possible, stack with the bark (if any) facing upwards. This allows moisture to escape more freely.

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